• Healthy Skin Clinic helps to improve the look and feel of the skin. We treat eczema, acne, rosacea, tinea, pityriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, scalp conditions, psoriasis, scabies and many other skin problems

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Naturopath, Nurse, Formulation Chemist, Vivienne Savill

Naturopath, Nurse, Formulation Chemist, Vivienne Savill

Eczema? Dermatitis? Tinea? Acne? Pityriasis? Scabies? Psoriasis? Jock Itch? Shingles?

When you book an  appointment at Healthy Skin Clinic you get multiple tools to treat your skin condition naturally including:

  • A Skin Consultation with a trained Health Practitioner
  • Individualized Treatment Program including diet and lifestyle advice
  • Information about allergy testing and other tests
  • Practitioner Only Supplements
  • Therapeutic Creams and Topicals
  • Access to the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site with loads of information to support you with your Treatment Program

Skin Treatments Australia Wide (Online)

Whether it be an eczema treatment, acne treatment, dermatitis treatment or psoriasis treatment, your skin can be improved with natural methods that avoid the use of harsh drugs.

Our skin treatments address the underlying causes and imbalances, to help our clients achieve quick relief and long term resolution. 

No matter where you are in Australia, we can help you heal your problem skin condition.

Years of Experience and Training Has Produced Highly Effective Natural Skin Treatments

Treating the skin can be complex and each skin disorder has a slightly different cause, effect on the skin and treatment needs. The founder of Healthy Skin Clinic, Vivienne Savill, is a qualified Naturopath, Nurse and Formulation Chemist, who specializes in skin care, formulating products especially for problem skin conditions but also a range of beauty products.

Individualized Skin Treatments

We realize that each of our clients are uniquely different. That is why you will receive an individualized Skin Treatment Program following your consultation. Your skin treatment will be based upon the appearance of your skin, research related to your skin condition, your past and present health, diet and lifestyle as well as the results of any tests that we have done.

A natural and holistic approach to treating the skin helps you to become healthy on the inside and the outside. Our reliable skin treatment programs heal the skin, identify and rectify triggers, rapidly relieve any itching and discomfort plus improve the skins appearance. Once the acute problem has been corrected, we can recommend a Maintenance Skin Treatment Program to ensure you achieve long term results.

Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site

To support you with your Skin Treatment all clients are given access to our Membership Site. This Members Only part of our website provides in-depth information that is specific to your skin condition including:

Our Skin Consultation and Skin Treatment service is fantastic for those people who want:

  • a natural approach that targets the triggers;
  • help from a qualified and skilled practitioner;
  • quick relief of the itching and discomfort of a skin problem;
  • to improve the way their skin looks without harsh drugs;
  • a Treatment Program with specific information that they can access in their own time;
  • a treatment based on the most current research;
  • a consultation with an experienced practitioner either face-to-face or Online via Skype.


This service is currently available to Australian Residents only.

Improve The Way Your Skin Looks And Feels.

Skin Treatments for all ages and problem skin conditions.

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