Photo of Vivienne Savill, founder of Healthy Skin Clinic

“Helping you achieve healthy, radiant looking skin is what I love to do”.
Vivienne Savill

Healthy Skin Clinic is owned by Vivienne Savill, a natural skin specialist who is qualified as a Registered Nurse, a Naturopath and as a Formulation Chemist.

Years of research and product development has gone into producing our outstanding range of products.

Healthy Skin Clinic specializes in the manufacture of  natural beauty, therapeutic products for people as well as their animal friends. 

Whilst no longer working as a clinic, we now sell downloadable Treatment Programs for problem skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne etc. We offer online Health Appraisals and naturopathic  consultations to give you access to the best therapeutic treatments available.

This allows easy access to our products no matter where you live.