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What is an effective Dermatitis Treatment?

Learn about the natural dermatitis treatment offered by Healthy Skin Clinic.
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Healthy Skin Clinic provides treatment for all sorts of skin disorders including dermatitis and eczema.

We offer face-to-face consultations for our Darwin clients plus an Online Skin Consultation Service via Skype Video, Australia Wide with our trained natural skin specialists. This means that we can help you, wherever you live in Australia.

Treating Skin Conditions For Long Term Results

At Healthy Skin Clinic we understand that most skin conditions are triggered by internal imbalances. Many of these imbalances are the result of diet and lifestyle (for example stress) which eventually produce changes to hormones, the immune system and vitamin and mineral balance within the body.

For the best treatment outcomes we work on:Women with glowing healthy skin

1. Identifying and correcting dietary and lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your skin problem

2. Identifying and treating underlying health problems by prescribing natural supplements

3. Providing topical agents, especially formulated for your skin condition and the needs of the individual  to rapidly improve the way the skin looks and feels.

Your Treatment Program

Following your consultation you will be given an individualized Skin Treatment Program. This will recommend specific changes to diet and lifestyle plus contain your prescription for oral and topical products.

Your Skin Treatment Program will highlight specific areas to go to within the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site to support you during your healing journey. Access to this fabulous resource is free of charge following your consultation.

Testing for Specific Triggers of Dermatitis

Your skin care specialist may recommend that you have some tests done. Tests provide the practitioner with specific information about you that will help to ‘fine tune’ your skin treatment program.

We recommend an Oligoscan as it will identify heavy metals and nutrient imbalances that are commonly found with dermatitis. Food Intolerance Testing can also be done at the clinic. Other Functional Pathology Test can be ordered by your practitioner.

What is Dermatitis?

Dermatitis is a term that is used to describe numerous skin conditions. The term “dermatitis” means inflammation of the skin. That means that there is a large list of skin disorders that are referred to as dermatitis. There is therefore not a “one size fits all” dermatitis treatment. Some types of dermatitis will cause blisters, others will cause scaling, redness and irritation. Each of these symptoms require a different type of dermatitis treatment.

Commonly Occurring Types Of Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis
  • Atopic dermatitis is one of the most commonly occurring forms of dermatitis, especially in children. It is often referred to as eczema.istock grandpa Atopic relates to the word atopy and indicates a link to other allergy prone disorders such as asthma, hay fever, sinusitis and rhinitis.
  • In babies, atopic dermatitis usually occurs on the cheeks initially. It is frequently found in creases such as under the chin in babies and in the flexures of the knees, elbows and wrists in older children. In adults eczema is usually more wide spread.
  • A history of eczema increases the risk of other skin disorders later in life, such as pompholyx.
  • Allergens – usually airborne or food related are generally a trigger. Rebalancing the immune system with natural ingredients, can substantially help with eczema control. Therapeutic topical products are specifically designed for clients of Healthy Skin Clinic and help to  address problems such as itching, damage to the stratum corneum, infection and loss of moisture.
Perioral Dermatitis Treatment
  • Perioral dermatitis is a highly irritable types of dermatitis that causes redness around the mouth and eyes. A dermatitis treatment for perioral dermatitis can be one of the most difficult as the skin is super sensitive. A topical dermatitis treatment for this skin disorder often requires starting off with a mild skin product and building up to a more active cream as the healing takes place.
  • A major part of perioral dermatitis treatment involves natural anti-inflammatories both topically and orally. Healthy Skin Clinic uses Practitioner Only Products to turn down the inflammation and improve comfort levels as soon as possible.
  • Long term peri-oral dermatitis treatment, aims to identify triggers such as allergens, immune imbalances and deficiencies of the immune system.Your Skin Care Specialist may recommend a test such as Oligoscan to identify mineral imbalances and problems with heavy metals.
  • Our topical products contain natural ingredients that are known for their ability to soothe the skin.
 Contact Dermatitis treatment
  • Dermatitis of the hands is the most common presentation of contact dermatitis. It occurs as a result of contact with something such as jewellery or concrete. Sometimes contact dermatitis occurs on other parts of the body such as the trunk where a belt buckle or rubber on clothing might be the irritant.


Contact dermatitis treatment involves finding the trigger such as exposure to concrete.

Contact dermatitis treatment involves finding the trigger such as exposure to concrete.

Contact dermatitis treatment involves finding the trigger such as exposure to concrete.

Some of the most common irritants include nickel (found in a lot of jewellery), lime, rubber, latex, turpentine and perfumes to name but a few.  Identifying the allergen is an important first step in contact dermatitis treatment.

If the trigger of contact dermatitis cannot be removed, for example if exposure occurs in the work place, it is important to protect the skin as much as possible. This might include using specific topical creams that provide the skin with a protective barrier whilst also assisting with improving the appearance of the skin.

Of course working internally to balance the causative mineral imbalances and re-balance the immune system is a vital step in any contact dermatitis treatment.

 Seborrhoeic dermatitis treatment
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis: a scaling skin condition that can occur on the scalp, face, groin or chest. A characteristic sign of seborrhoeic dermatitis is scaling or redness of the eyebrows, the nasal crease and through the scalp.

Products that lift the scale can be useful, but generally a long term seborrhoeic dermtitis treatment needs to address mineral deficiencies, stress, dietary issues, acidity of the body and boost the immune system.

 Pompholyx treatment

Dyshidrotic eczema treatment for hand dermatitis

  • Because of the discomfort that is often experienced, our pompholyx treatment includes oral, natural anti-inflammatories that quickly help to reduce the itch.

The topical pompholyx treatment includes specifically formulated creams with natural ingredients that are known to assist with wound healing, soothe the skin, reduce IgE antibodies and provide a good moisturizing affect.

These products are only available following a consultation with a natural Skin Specialist.

Stasis Dermatitis treatment
  • Asteotic dermatitis and stasis dermatitis both typically occur in ageing adults. They usually appear on the legs with dryness and crusting. Stasis dermatitis and asteotic dermatits often present with a distinctive purplish discolouration of the skin.

A client undergoing treatment of asteotic dermatitis and stasis dermatitis treatment will benefit from the use of products that stimulate the circulation. A topical dermatitis treatment for this type of skin disorder can be assisted by including ingredients that are highly moisturizing with an anti-inflammatory effect.

 Dermatitis Herpetiformis treatment
  • The presentation of dermatitis herpetiformis can be quite different to other types of dermatitis. It commonly occurs on the buttocks, dermatitis herpetiformisknees and elbows. The presentation is often with itching, raised lesions or blistering. A dermatitis herpetiformis treatment must work on the internal triggers and use products that promote immune balance. Dietary interventions are extremely important also as this condition is closely related to coeliac disease and there is a link with gluten intolerance.
 Nummular dermatitis treatment
  • Nummular or discoid dermatitis: Sometimes referred to as discoid eczema this condition usually occurs mostly on the legs of  adults. As the name suggests, nummular or discoid dermatitis is round in shape to oval shape. The lesion can be dry or moist and are usually red, pink or brown in colour. The centre can be crusted, dry or blistering. Discoid dermatitis treatment will work closely on nutritional status of the body including mineral imbalances, a good healthy skin diet as well as promoting sound immunity. Practitioner Only Products are very useful in promoting a good nutritional status and internal homeostasis. As with all skin conditions, targeted natural ingredients are used to specifically address the presentation of the nummular or discoid dermatitis.

NOTE: Treatment and products cannot be supplied without a consultation with a natural Skin Specialist.


Healthy Skin Clinic has a treatment for all of the above types of dermatitis.

Book your consultation today and allow our Natural Skin Care Specialists to help you to improve the condition of your skin and your health.



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