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There is no "one size fits all" psoriasis diet. but there are some common food problems.

There is no “one size fits all” psoriasis diet. but there are some common food problems.

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle is one of the 3 steps in healing your skin disorder.

It is not an optional extra – It is a vital part of your body’s healing

There are several different diet strategies related to eczema, mainly because there can be several different triggers.

Your practitioner will guide you as to what is the most important dietary intervention for you.


GLUTEN FREE DIET – For Everybody

A gluten free diet is recommended to all persons with an allergy. A gluten free diet is not only recommended due to the direct allergen and food intolerance link but also as it is damaging to the wall of the small intestine.

Damage to the integrity of the gut wall is intimately related to eczema so the avoidance of gluten is paramount.

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Infants and Children – 12 Highly Allergenic Foods

The Food Allergy Eradication Diet takes through an elimination program of the most common allergen foods.

Other people will react to histamine rich foods, especially those people who get itchy when they become hot or sweaty.

Metal Toxicity restrictions is mainly recommended for people with intrinsic verses extrinsic (allergy related) eczema.



Food Challenge and Eradication Diet

Gluten Free Diet

Histamine Foods

Metal Toxicity