3D-Women-Question-01How can a Natural Skin Specialist help me improve my skin?

A natural Skin Care Specialist can be trained in several different modalities. But all achieve skin healing and improvement of health without the use of drugs or surgical  intervention.

The founder of Health Skin Clinic is a trained Naturopath, Nurse and Formulation Chemist. This means our service emphasizes the naturopathic philosophy of identifying underlying imbalances within the body which contribute to disease and ill health. Nursing training provides an understanding in medical philosophy while training as a Formulation Chemist allows us to formulate and develop specific topical products for the various different skin conditions.

A natural Skin Specialist at Healthy Skin Clinic can therefore:

  • treat the skin to relieve discomfort quickly and improve the skins appearance
  • identify the triggers of the skin problem and the things that can cause a ‘flare up’
  • provide advise about the impact of diet and lifestyle upon the skin
  • develop specific Treatment Programs based up the individuals health, history and skin disorder
  • treat the whole person, thus bringing about better health and long term relief of skin problems
  • provide natural topical products formulated for the needs of the individual
  • provide nutritional and herbal supplements to safely achieve optimal health and skin vitality.

What type of skin conditions do you treat?

We specialize in the treatment of chronic and acute skin conditions. The skin conditions seen most commonly are;

We do not treat skin cancers.

What happens during a Consultation?

During a consultation your skin will be examined by a natural skin specialist. Using close examination of the skin, your history, doctors diagnosis etc. we will identify your skin disorder.

Prior to your attending your consultation, your Health Appraisal Questionnaire will have been downloaded and read. We will talk more about your health and the questionnaire during your consultation. We will also talk about your current diet and lifestyle and how this might be contributing to your skin disorder.

Your skin specialist will put together a Treatment Program. More indepth information about your treatment will be accessible via the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site which your are given access to following your consultation. This is a fantastic resource and unique to Healthy Skin Clinic so make the most of the information in this site – it will help you enormously.

Your Treatment Program includes a prescription with supplements and topical product to treat your skin.

How does an Online Skin Consultation Work?

We use Skype video to conduct your Online Skin Consultation. Skype video means that we can see and hear each other live. I can have a look at your skin via the camera, take photos, plus look at nails, tongue and other areas of the body that gives me clues about your health.

Skype video also allows you to see my computer screen. This allows me to discuss important information about your skin, that you can access later on the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site. For example, the recommended diet to help improve your skin.

During the Online Skin Consultation, the results of your Skin Health Appraisal Questionnaire will be discussed. This will provide the Skin Specialist with valuable information to help ensure that you get the best treatment.

The video hookup will not only be used to get a general idea of the clients skin, but also to examine nails and tongue. Each of these things can provide clues to help establish the cause of the skin condition.

What is Skype and how do I get it?

Skype video can be downloaded onto your computer (or phone, but a computer is best for our consultation) free of charge. You will need a webcam for our video session to work.

How long does the Skin Consultation take?

Generally 45 mins is needed. Prior to your consultation, the Skin Specialists will have downloaded and viewed your Skin Health Appraisal Questionnaire and your Diet and Lifestyle Questionnaire. This will mean that information of relevance to your skin treatment will have been identified and can be discussed with you in more detail.

Can I claim on Private Health?

If you have extras you can claim on Private Health for a face-to-face consultation. Online consultations cannot be claimed.

Will I need any tests done?

Sometimes the Natural Skin Specialist will recommend that some tests are done. We generally use Functional Pathology tests or tests that you can do in your own home.

Tests are not always necessary. If however there are obvious underlying health issues that require closer attention, we may recommend testing to you.

What type of Skin Treatment will be recommended?

This will depend on what skin condition you have.

All good skin treatments work on the inside and the outside. A skin problem can be improved by working just on the outside with topical products for the skin, however the key to getting fast and long lasting healthy skin is treating the internal causes or imbalances.

You will be given numerous recommendations to help you improve the bodily imbalances that may be triggering your skin condition. Recommendations generally include;

  • Foods for healthy skin. These will vary according to the skin condition and individuals needs;
  • Supplements including anti-inflammatories, minerals and vitamins for healthy skin. Practitioner Only Supplements are recommended. These are only available after your consultation.
  • Topical products. These might include creams, washes, shampoos or exfoliators that are specifically designed for skin treatments. There are many different formulations that have been developed specifically for clients of Healthy Skin Business.Topical treatments have been designed with specific skin problems in mind. For example an acne treatment  uses natural ingredients that have an antibacterial affect, remove dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, provide nutrition to the skin, reduce sebum production or have an anti-inflammatory action.

Our topical treatments are prescribed specifically for clients who have had an online Skin Consultation. TOPICAL SKIN PRODUCTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC unless they have had a consultation with one of our Skin Specialists.

What happens after the Online Skin Consultation?

Once you have had your consultation with your Skin Specialist;

  1. Your recommended prescription will be sent out to you (the cost of supplements and topical products is not included in your consultation fee);
  2. You will be given access to the Healthy Skin Business membership site. Your Skin Specialist will stream your access to specific information according to your specific skin problem or other findings of your consultation. Access to the membership site will give you access to a list of foods for good skin (specific to your skin treatment), recipes and information about your Practitioner Only Products and sometimes videos to help control stress or other negative lifestyle factors.
  3. You can book your Follow Up Skin Consultation. This is recommended 2 to 3 weeks after your Initial Consultation.

When do I need to book a Follow Up Skin Consultation?

A follow up Skin Consultation will allow the Skin Specialist to monitor the effects of your treatment. Small changes might be made to your prescription at this time. Sometimes, if you have multiple triggers for your skin problem, treatment may progress to correcting the next likely trigger or cause. If the treatment is working effectively, you will be given access to the Healthy Skin Business membership site for 6 months. This means that you will be able to reorder any of the products that were prescribed to you.



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