Did you know there are 3000 types of skin disorders. Healthy Skin Clinic can help treat many of these.

There are believed to be around 3000 types of skin disorders. 
Some of these are very rare but others are commonly occurring. 
Our infographic talks about the most common types of skin disorders 
that people experience.
With so many types of skin disorders, identifying and treating the skin 
can be tricky. This is why we have decided to specialize in this area 
- in order to become the experts in the field of natural medicine and skin treatments.

If you live in Darwin and have a skin condition that you would like some 
help with, you can book a Face-to-Face consultation. If you live outside of Darwin, 
you can book an Online Skype Video Consultation - with Skype Video we come to you 
wherever you live in Australia and have internet connection.

Healthy Skin Clinic specializes in treating problem skin conditions. TO find out 
more about our treatments you can visit:
Acne Treatment
Dermatitis Treatment
Eczema Treatment
Hair loss Treatment
Pityriasis Treatment
Psoriasis Treatment
Rosacea Treatment
Tinea Treatment
Scabies Treatment
Other skin disorder Treatment

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