FAST #SKIN FACT 6 The Nightingale Facial – Powerful placebo, magical ingredient or just a load of poo?

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Natural skin care comes in many formsA Nightingale Face Treatment ? Does it really work?

We know that natural skin care products can contain some amazing active properties that work wonders on the skin. Some of these treatments go back 100’s of years and one of these is the Nightingale Poop Facial.  The Nightingale Facial originally became popular in Japan in the 1600’s when geishas and actors would indulge. Recently they have been rediscovered and are being offered at salons in New York for around $180.

So how does a bird poo facial work and does it really improve the complexion?? Well my own investigations didn’t come up with a great deal of information to support the use of Nightingale poop. And it certainly didn’t answer my question i.e. “how people discover this stuff – was it a party trick??”

It turns out that the faeces of birds contains uric acid and apparently the nightingale’s number 2’s have a higher content than most birds.

In the world of cosmetic formulating uric acid is classified as a skin conditioning agent (maintaining the health of the skin) and a buffering agent (to maintain pH). Unlike its cousin, urea, which is excreted by animals and has a great moisturizing effect (it makes up 7% of Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin), uric acid is usually negatively associated with gout. Studies have found that uric acid is an efficient free radical scavenger but it is also likely to cause inflammation (and has been found to prolong chronic ulcers).

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Apparently the New York Nightingale Mask contains a few other ingredients than excrement, so could it be that these ingredients  are really having the positive effect?? The current facial product contains rice bran and an amino acid protein called guanine. Guanine provides the skin with a pearly iridescence.

So is this a good example of the placebo effect or does this earthy ingredient really work to perform wonders on the skin??? Your guess is as good as mine, but given some of the other horrific ingredients that have been used historically to make the female sex look more beautiful, I don’t believe we should rush out and try it just because the geishas liked to indulge.

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