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There are numerous types of heavy metals – each affecting and blocking different nutrients. Each with their own health robbing effects.

Today I thought I would briefly talk about aluminium. Why,  because aluminium has been raised in everyone that we have so far tested with the Oligoscan.

Whether you believe the stories of aluminium being sprayed into the atmosphere (conspiracy or true, I have no idea), or have been exposed to a mine site or have just used everyday products, you could have high aluminium levels.

What Serious Health Issues Are Linked To Aluminium?

Alzheimer’s disease is probably the most concerning chronic ill health concern. Although there are multiple theories about the cause of Alzheimer’s disease such a viral connection and Type 3 diabetes, aluminium has always been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Other health problems supposedly related to high aluminium levels in the body include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, hypoparathyroidism,  neuromuscular disorders including softening of bones, dental cavities, colitis,  kidney or liver dysfunction, immune system dysruption, anaemia plus a few more health issues – but you get the idea.


Aluminium is found in numerous everyday items. For example think about packaging of foods using aluminium foil or aluminium trays. We often cook in aluminium pots and pans. Foods are often packaged in aluminium cans as are most soft drinks.

And don’t forget about deodorants. Deodorant is applied to a skin area that is full of hair follicles and these follicles are a primary entry point for anything that is applied to the skin. And if the conspiracy theorists are correct, we are probably also breathing aluminium from the environment.


Baking powders

Cooking utensils

Aluminium foil and trays

Aluminium cans

Drying agents

Canned foods


Water supply

Processed cheese

Bleached flour

Food additives as dyes (E173)

Anticoagulants (E520 – E521-E522-E523) used in food made from egg whites.

The E541 in génoiseries-E555 and E554-E556-E559 in food dried powder (milk, coffee and soup powders, salt and refined industrial cheese).




Buffering agent in medications



And Now For The Good News!

Heavy metals can now be measured using Oligoscan.

Oligoscan is a cutting edge spectophotometer. It provides you with a measurement of heavy metals, minerals and other factors in minutes.

Once detected, any imbalances or forms of heavy metal toxicity can be removed from the body over time.

At Healthy Skin Clinic, we can develop a program specifically to help return balance and optimal health to the body.

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About the Author:

The founder of Healthy Skin Clinic is Nurse, Naturopath and Formulation Chemist, Vivienne Savill. Vivienne is passionate about helping people to optimize their health and promoting radiant, healthy skin, using natural treatments.
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