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I am really excited because for the first time ever there is cutting edge technology that can measure your Heavy metals and Nutrient levels on the spot.

With our new Oligoscan we can put together a Detoxification or Treatment program that works specifically on your test results!

Are You Into Preventative Medicine Or Have A Health Concern?


Our clients are given products to give heavy metals the boot,  support the body during detoxification and replenish nutrients. Plus you get information about what foods are good  for your body.

There is no guesswork involved!

Do you have fatigue? Aches and pains? Sleep issues? Weight gain? Autoimmune issues? Skin problems? Menopause? PMS or menstrual irregularities? A serious illness? Depression or Stress?

Research tells us that most ill health is due to the effects of diet and lifestyle.

What we eat, breath, drink, the implants we put into our body, the things in our work place can all contribute to heavy metal toxicity.

You Will Be Amazed At What Your Oligoscan Reveals.

This is The Best Detoxification Program Around

“I am so excited to offer you this test, because prior to this being available, health practitioners could only guess what nutritional deficiencies and toxicity was happening and why people are unwell.”
Vivienne Savill (RN, ND, Formulation Chemist)

Why Are Most Detox Programs Ineffective ?

Detox is trendy at the moment, but the truth is most detoxification programs will not detoxify very well.

Why? Because most programs are a “one size fits all” that works on kidney and liver function only.

Actual levels of heavy metals and nutrients are rarely measured at the start and finish making it impossible to know if anything has changed?

To detoxify a heavy metal we must know if its level is normal, raised or at a critical level. We must also take note of how the heavy metals are blocking the nutrients that support your health and well being.

Oligoscan will measure your levels of aluminium, antimony (from plastics), lead and mercury, to name but a few? Once the heavy metal levels are identified a program can be developed to specifically eradicate the heavy metal and replace the nutrients that have been blocked.


  • Quick and easy scan of the hand

  • Measures heavy metals, nutrients, oxidative stress, acidity and more.

  • Results in minutes

  • No pain, no needles, no haircuts, blood or urine samples needed.

We Can Actually Measure Your Detox Results ?

Oligoscans cutting edge technology allows us to monitor your heavy metals as they are removed from the body. We can measure your nutritional levels and antioxidant status to ensure the levels go back to normal. This is preventative medicine at its best.

No other test can monitor your nutrients, oxidative stress and Heavy metals (not even a Hair Test as it only measures what is being excreted not what is sitting there).

No Guess Work Involved.

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