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Seborrhoeic dermatitis produces flaking and light redness (erythema) of the scalp.
Natural Hair Loss Treatment by Healthy Skin Clinic

Healthy Skin Clinic provides treatment for hair loss that is due to a skin problem or health issue.

We offer face-to-face consultations for our Darwin clients plus an Online Skin Consultation Service via Skype Video. Because our service is Australia Wide, our trained natural skin specialists can help you no matter where you live in Australia.

Treating Skin Conditions For Long Term Results

At Healthy Skin Clinic we understand that many types of hair loss are the results of a skin condition, health problems or imbalances within the body. Many of these imbalances are the due to dietary and lifestyle habits (for example stress) which over time produce changes to hormones, the immune system, toxicity levels, vitamin and mineral levels within the body.

For the best treatment outcomes we work on:istock tree fork logo

1. Identifying and correcting dietary and lifestyle issues that may be contributing to your hair loss;

2. Treating the underlying health problems plus nutrient imbalances that relate to your hair loss by prescribing natural supplements;

3. Providing topical agents, especially formulated to control any skin conditions that are contributing to hair loss plus topicals that encourage hair growth.

Your Hair Loss Treatment Program

Following your consultation you will be given an individualized Skin Treatment Program. Your program will aim to improve the health problems discussed during your consultation, that may be contributing to your skin problem and/or hair loss. Specific changes to diet and lifestyle plus oral and topical prescriptions will form part of this Hair Loss Treatment Program.

To enhance your healing journey, you will be given access to the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site. The Membership Site contains many resources that are for clients only. These resources include research, specific recommendations and treatment information.

Access to this fabulous resource is free of charge following your consultation.

Testing for Specific Triggers of Hair Loss

Frequently tests will reveal mineral imbalances and heavy metal toxicity that can be contributing to hair loss. We recommend Oligoscan testing to view these levels within the body.

As stress and hormonal issues can also be related, your skin specialist may recommend some Functional Pathology Tests. All tests help the practitioner to ‘fine tune’ your skin or hair loss treatment.


Hair Loss Information

Hair loss takes different forms. It can be a localized loss of hair occurring in small patches or it can be a more widespread loss of hair.

Where hair loss is occurring in small patches an underlying skin problem such as psoriasis or tinea may be affecting the condition of the scalp.

When hair loss is more widespread a simple mineral deficiency can be to blame. Once corrected rapid hair growth often takes place. Hair loss can also be linked to some disease processes such as hypothyroidism or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Hair loss is sometimes linked to an extremely stressful event which results in a loss of hair about 3 months later.

Other known causes of hair loss include:

  • androgenic alopecia – related to excess male hormones (androgens) in females;
  • alopecia areata – hair loss of the scalp that occurs in circular or oval patches;
  • styling techniques which have caused direct damage to the hair;
  • exposure to toxins resulting in hair loss around 1- 4 weeks after exposure;
  • tinea capitis where hair break off close to the scalp and sometimes leaves a black dot appearance;

Hair Loss Treatment Depends On Your Underlying Cause

Tinea capita hair loss produces black dots on the scalp.

Tinea capita hair loss produces black dots on the scalp.

With different causes of hair loss the treatment offered by Healthy Skin Clinic will vary significantly, from one person to the next. This is why it is very important to gather in-depth information about your general health as well as your skin health.

During your Skin Consultation with your natural Skin Specialist, the information gathered in your Skin Health Appraisal Questionnaire and Diet and Lifestyle Questionnaire will be reviewed. Information gathered from these questionnaires can give significant clues as to the cause of a client’s hair loss.

Where there is a simple mineral deficiency hair can sometimes start to grow back within weeks. Where hair loss is due to thyroid problems or androgenism, treatment will take longer as the body may need to be supported for some months before hormones are re-balanced. If stress is contributing, there may be a need to measure stress hormones (cortisol levels) and help the client control their stress effectively.

You will also be recommended hair care products containing ingredients which historically stimulate the circulation and hair growth. If a scaling/flaky scalp or a tinea has been identified, you may be  recommended products containing ingredients to help exfoliate the skin or kill off any fungal skin conditions.

NOTE: All products used for problem skin conditions require a Skin Consultation with a natural Skin Specialist before being dispensed. Once you have had your consultation you will be given access to the Healthy Skin Clinic membership site where you can order Prescription Only Supplements that have been prescribed for you, plus the topical products. You will also be able to access dietary, lifestyle and other helpful information which will assist you to improve your skin/hair problem.



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