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Learn about the natural Herpes Treatment offered by Healthy Skin Clinic – Watch the video

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Healthy Skin Clinic provides treatment for a variety of skin disorders including herpes simplex and herpes zoster.

If you live in the Darwin region, we offer face-to-face consultations. For people living in other parts of Australia we offer an Online Skin Consultation Service via Skype Video.

Treating Skin Conditions For Rapid and Long Lasting Results

When it comes to effectively treating skin disorders, we understand that the secret is to treat the internal triggers or causes not just the skin itself. All skin problems, including herpes, will have an underlying imbalance within the body that has allowed the condition to develop.

For example this imbalance might be related to immunity issues, minerals or vitamins that are either diminished or in excess, the presence of heavy metals or disease. Daily lifestyle habits such as stressful environments can also contribute.

For the best treatment outcomes for herpes treatment we:istock tree fork logo

1. Determine what dietary and lifestyle habits or health problems have contributed to your herpes and make specific recommendations;

2. Treat underlying health problems, viruses or imbalances that have contributed to the herpes and prescribe natural herbal or nutritional supplements;

3. Provide topical agents, especially formulated for your herpes and  your individual needs to rapidly improve the appearance of your skin and overcome the viral infection.

Your Herpes Treatment Program

Following your skin consultation you will receive an individualized Skin Treatment Program which makes specific recommendations. These recommendations are based upon your health in general and the findings of your skin consultation.

Recommendations for your Herpes Treatment will include such things as dietary and lifestyle changes, supplementation and topical ingredients.

Treating the virus internally and not just the skin condition is very important for long term relief of herpes. As the virus can contribute to other health problems aside from the skin condition, this is an important part of treatment.Your Skin Specialist will therefore prescribe oral Practitioner Only Products to address the symptoms and assist the body to fight off the viral attack. Your prescription may also include products to promote general good health plus support the immune system for short and long term health. Recommendations will of course depend upon your present and past health and the findings of your consultation.

Topical creams to improve the appearance of herpes zoster (shingles) and herpes simplex include natural ingredients that;

  • exerpt an antiviral affect
  • assist with lymphatic drainage
  • support wound healing
  • soothe the nerves
  • calm inflammation of the skin

Testing for the Specific Triggers of Herpes

As with all skin problems, there may be underlying imbalances within the body that are making you more susceptible to herpes and other health problems. Some testing may therefore be recommended by your skin care specialist. Testing helps to make your Herpes Treatment program more specific for your unique health needs.

Oligoscan is recommended to identify the balance of minerals and antioxidant stress within the body as well as the presence of heavy metals. Your skin care specialist may also recommend tests such as stress hormone levels.

Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site

Sign in details to the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site will be provided along with your Herpes Treatment Program. Inside the Membership Site you will find some great resources to make your herpes treatment program clearer and easy to follow. This unique resource contains specific details about herpes including research, dietary advise, a Stress Management Program and more.

Access is free of charge to clients who have had a consultation with a skin care specialist.

Types of Herpes Skin Infections

Cold Sores, Fever Blisters and Genital Herpes

There are several different types of herpes. Firstly there is the herpes simplex virus that

causes cold sores or fever blisters commonly on the face  (Type 1) and genital

Herpes simplex 1 causes cold sores. An effective herpes treatment addresses the internal and external environment of the body.

Herpes simplex 1 causes cold sores. An effective herpes treatment addresses the internal and external environment of the body.

herpes (Type 2). Secondly there is shingles that occurs as a result of herpes zoster (the  chickenpox virus).

The herpes virus resides in the nerves of the body in a latent state. These nerves supply sensation to the skin. When there is an “attack” of herpes, the virus has grown alone the nerves into the skin or mucous membranes where it produces a skin lesion. After some time, the herpes virus goes into a resting state again.

Some of the most common risk factors for herpes simplex infection (cold sores and genital herpes) include stress, fatigue and infection. Your practitioner will discuss the 12 other risk factors and identify which ones apply to you, to ensure you are getting the best herpes treatment that suits your individual needs.

Type 1 oral herpes simplex produces a small facial infection commonly known as a cold sore. Type 2 genital herpes simplex produces penile ulceration in males. In females similar lesions can appear on the external genitalia, vulva, vagina or cervix . These lesions can be sore and painful.

Recurrence of the genital herpes is more common than a recurrence of oral herpes.

Shingles or Herpes Zoster

Shingles is a painful blistering rash that tends to follow the nerves (or dermatones) in its distribution.

As children we are frequently exposed to the Chickenpox (varicella) and  as a Picture of a child with shingles, following the dermatones or nerve supply. Healthy Skin Clinic can help with the discomfort caused by shingles.result the  Herpes zoster virus becomes attached to the nerve cells of the spinal cord. If this virus becomes “reactivated” it grows down the nerves to produce shingles.

Shingles is most likely to occur in the elderly but can affect adults of any age especially if they have poor immunity. Usually the  nerves involved in shingles, are responsible for the sensation of the skin. This is why Herpes zoster can be so painful. Pain, either localized or more widespread along the nerve, is often the first sign of shingles. Blisters appear in clusters a few days into the attack appearing along the dermatones (nerves) coming from the spine.

Frequently the lymphatic system surrounding the area becomes congested causing enlarged glands in the area.


NOTE: The topical products for problem skin conditions are only Available Following a Skin Consultation With A Skin Specialist.



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