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If you haven’t been exercising for long, you may be struggling to believe that exercise can make you feel good. But believe me if you do it regularly enough and with enough energy, the rewards are plentiful. After a time your body will become used to “feeling better”and you will miss those times when you can’t work out.

A simple walking program to put a spring in your step!!

Thankfully there are few of us who are restricted by an inability to walk, so starting a walking program is an excellent way of getting you used to exercise. Remember however that walking can only do so much and to build muscle mass, you will need to do some resistance training work.

You’ve just read about the Benefits of Exercise for the skin, so here we go with a simple start up program.


Regular exercise can increase circulation as well as decrease stress hormones. These are both beneficial for skin health.The average person takes only 5,000 steps a day, even though the recommended amount is 10,000 steps daily for good health.I suggest you get yourself a pedometer to find out exactly what your daily average is.If you have a desk bound job your movement is likely to be inadequate.

Your daily steps are:

3,500 daily – very sedentary

  • 3,500 to 5,000 steps per day – sedentary
  • 5,500 to 7,500 – reasonably active
  • 7,500 to 9,000 – almost achieving the recommended steps
  • 10,000 steps – achieving recommended daily steps
  • 12,000 steps – additional movement required to assist with weight loss

 If you are running, for someone with short legs like myself, 35,000 steps is equal to about 5 kilometres or 3.1 miles.

To really get some benefit from your walking you need to put some real spring in your step.
3d man running smallThis will help get your heart rate up and have some positive cardiovascular effects. When your heart rate is slightly faster than normal, you should feel a little breathless when you talk.

If you are male and walking with a female or simply a lot taller than your walking partner, remember that what is a good pace for someone else, might just be a stroll for you. As an individual you must work out what is your desired pace. If you are able to walk faster than your partner, plan to walk ahead and then walk briskly back to them.

As well as measuring total steps in a day, you need to measure your pace of walking.

  • A pace of less than 120 steps per minute is considered to be slow.
  • Over 120 steps per minute is considered to be brisk walking.
  • Over 135 steps per minutes is considered to be very brisk walking.

And of course the secret is to enjoy whatever activity you are doing. So find yourself a pleasant and safe place to go for your daily walk. Use your walk as a signal to the body that your day has just begun or if walking at the end of the day, use this is a signal that your busy work day is done now it is “you time”.

Keep well hydrated whilst you are exercising.

Protect yourself from the sun if you have a skin condition that is aggravated by sunlight such as acne rosacea, solar keratosis or sun damaged skin.