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Your Guide to Eczema Free Skin

The Eczema Treatment Program contains relevant information to help you and your family improve the skin’s aThis table displays the multiple triggers of eczema, A successful eczema treatment identifies the cause whether that be stress, diet, gut, immune, nutritional or other problems. We also produce topical products to heal the skins barrier and re-moisturize the skin as well as treat eczema infection.ppearance and feel.

The guide includes:

  • General information about different types of dermatitis including eczema and atopic dermatitis;
  • Advise about which foods to eat or avoid including high allergens;
  • List of foods that are potentially increase itching;
  • Information about mineral deficiencies and toxicity;
  • A list of common triggers and how to treat them;
  • A guide to having tests done such as RAST, Hair analysis;
  • Stress Management Program;
  • Recommended Topical and Nutritional supplements.

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