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Your Guide to Pityriasis Free Skin

The Pityriasis Treatment Program contains relevant information to help you improve your skin’s appearance and get rid of pityriasis.

There are several different types of pityriasis, some of which are particularly prone to young adults. This guide provides you with;

Pityriasis rosea is characterized by a larger lesions known as a herald patch, that appears some time before the other lesions.

  • General information about pityriasis and the various types;
  • Advise about which foods to eat or avoid;
  • Information about mineral deficiencies toxicity;
  • A treatment program to help you eradicate the condition;
  • Information about gut health, immunity and other states that make a person more prone to skin disorders;
  • Stress Management Program;
  • Recommended Topical and Nutritional supplements.

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