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Psoriasis Treatment

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Psoriasis affects around 2% of the population. The late teens and around the age of 50 years are the most common times of the first appearance for psoriasis.

People can live free of psoriasis, often until late adulthood, until an event such as high stress or exposure to a streptococcal infection triggers it.

Following the first episode of psoriasis, diet and lifestyle can trigger psoriasis at any time. Our Psoriasis Treatment aims to reduce the dietary and lifestyle triggers plus the bodily imbalances that produce flare ups to achieve long term remission for our clients.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a genetic disorder (running in families)  that is characterized by its large, silvery and often thick scale. The red patches underlying the scale are usually well defined. The most obvious characteristic of skin psoriasis is the scaling which when examined microscopically has hyperproliferation of skin cells and abnormal keratinocyte differentiation. Inflammation is presentPsoriasis of the scalp and forehead and there are various markers of immune dysregulation.

The severity of psoriasis varies markedly. Some people experience minor irritating symptoms such as a flaky scalp, elbow or knee now and again compared to others who have a widespread, thick and scaly skin almost continually.

The condition is sometimes itchy and some people will experience severe pain with the psoriasis due to an arthritic form (psoriatic arthritis).

The distribution of psoriasis is typically symmetrical (on both sides of the body). The most common form, chronic plaque psoriasis most commonly occurs on knees, elbows, the scalp and sacrum. On the scalp it can be hard to distinguish from seborrhoeic dermatitis, hence the name sebopsoriasis.

In the folds of the body, such as between the cheeks of the buttocks another variant arises. Known as flexural psoriasis, it is smooth, red, less well defined and usually without the scale.Psoriasis of right elbow.

Trunk psoriasis

Guttate psoriasis is often the first presentation of psoriasis occurring mainly in children and young adults. Occurring frequently after a streptococcal infection such as a sore throat, it produces tear shape or small round lesions.  There are multiple lesions rather than a few large lesions, with the same underlying red colour and some scaling. These are mainly found on the trunk, arms and upper legs however the scalp and face might also be mildy affected.

Palmoplantar psoriasis affects the hands and feet. One form appears similar to hand dermatitis with thickened, reddened areas. Another form, palmoplantar pustulosis, is more distinct with clusters of yellow to brown,  flat looking pustules. This looks distinctly different from dermatitis of the hands (pompholyx) which has smaller, clear pustules.

Nail psoriasis is also common. Some people will have just nail psoriasis. Others will have it with the skin condition or the arthritis. Nail psoriasis can take months to react to treatment.

Other less common areas of psoriasis include the mouth (intraoral psoriasis), in scars or wounds (koebnerised psoriasis), photosensitive psoriasis (reaction to light) and the severe erythrodermic psoriasis.

Natural remedies for psoriasis

Parsley is a diuretic and cleansing herb
Creams and topical products for psoriasis

Healthy Skin Clinic produces psoriasis products to suit the need o the individual. Using a variety of essential oils, herbal extracts and other ingredients, our products lift the scale, lock in moisture and help repair the hypoproliferative skin.

All products are produced with sustainable ingredients and are petroleum free.


Oral products to treat psoriasis

At Healthy Skin Clinic we know that applying a cream will help our clients to look and feel better. But we also know that the secret to a successful treatment that gives long term resolution, is addressing the internal balances. Research has identified numberous internal imbalances that contribute to psoriasis including  vitamin or mineral deficiencies or excesses, heavy metals, inflammation, immune problems and more.

During your consultation we will discuss your health, review your questionnaire and establish a Psoriasis Treatment Program to suit your individual needs.

As part of your treatment program, you will be prescribed supplements to correct the imbalances within the body and start the healing process on the inside.

Correcting dietary and lifestyle triggers.

Salmon is not just delicious but also high in anti-inflammatory omega 3
Around 85% of all health disorders are related to diet and lifestyle.

Diet and lifestyle determine how  your genes express themselves so a successful psoriasis treatment will always work on these areas.

Research has identified many dietary and lifestyle habits that make psoriasis worse. There is no “one fits all” psoriasis diet, however research has found certain foods will increase the risk of flare ups.

As part of your Psoriasis Treatment Program, we will identify the changes you can make to improve your general health and control the psoriasis.

Testing For Internal Imbalances

When it comes to successfully treating our clients for their psoriasis, the more information we have, the better. Psoriasis has many possible triggers and many of these can be identified with testing. Rather than guessing what those imbalances and triggers are, your Skin Care Specialist may recommend different types of tests.

Some tests are done in-house such as food intolerance testing, heavy metal testing, testing for oxidative stress and mineral levels. Other tests such as markers of stress, might be performed at a Functional Pathology and your Skin Care Specialist can order these tests for you.


NOTE: The topical products for problem skin conditions are only available following a Skin Consultation With A Skin Specialist.

Healthy Skin Clinic offers a professional Skin Consultation Service backed up by our Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site. Within the site our clients are given access to extensive treatment information to help them overcome their particular skin problem.

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