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Horse and Dog Products for a Healthy Skin and Coat

RED HEALER products have been scientifically formulated to support healthy skin and coats in horses and dogs. 

For The Perfect Coat

Our Canine and Equine products have been scientifically formulated to support a healthy skin and coat.

We use natural essential oils, plant extracts with powerful actives, plus vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals that can gently improve the appearance of  your animals skin.

Perfect for keeping the coating in top conditions during hot summer seasons.

Directions for Use

Shake well, then spray or roll Red Healer Equine Spray or Red Healer Equine Roll-on Lotion, onto the horse, once a day for 14 days. Then apply twice a week to maintain a healthy looking coat.

Equine Rollon


Equine Spray


Equine Spray


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