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Acommon dermatitis appearing mainly on the face is seborrhoeic dermatitis. It causes redness and flaking of the scalp, eyebrows, chin, inner nasal crease.

By Roymishali ( Wikimedia Commons

Treatment for seborrhoeic dermatitis must address:

  1. the signs and symptoms to bring relief from scaling and itching
  2. the triggers for long term resolution (supplementation, dietary and lifestyle triggers).

How to decrease the signs of seborrhoeic dermatitis?

Treatment for seborrhoeic dermatitis requires several activities.

1) Resolution of any stress or burnt out/over worked adrenal glands

2) Optimization of nutrition including zinc deficiency, antioxidant &/or phytonutrients

3) Reduction of yeast and free fatty acids

4) An oral and topical program of anti-fungal and anti-fungal agents

5) Topical application of keratolytic ingredients, Natural Moisturizing Factors and anti-inflammatory agents

6) Ongoing sporadic, preventative treatment to prevent reoccurrence of seborrhoeic dermatitis


The medical treatment relies upon the use of:

  • Topical calcineurin inhibitors such as Tacrolimus ointment
  • Steroid shampoos and topical steroid creams (e.g. fluocinolone)
  • Keratolytics such as ketoconazole (Nizoral) and desonide (Desowen) or tar shampoo
  • Use of anti-inflammatory (immunomodulatory) agents


Please follow your treatment for at least 1 month.

Natural Alternative Treatment for Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Natural alternatives are readily available to perform similar activities to drugs.You have been recommended topical and oral products to help get your skin condition under control.

If you run out, you can either call us on 89412793, email to reorder, or visit the Seborrhoeic Store to purchase any of the recommended creams, shampoos and oral supplements.

Topical products

Research has found that the following ingredients play a part in eradicating and controlling seborrhoeic dermatitis.

These ingredients can be found in the Pso Seb Shampoo and Seb Cream.


Clove Oil Anti fungal agents effective against Malessezia globosa.
Basil Oil Anti fungal agents effective against Malessezia globosa.
Tea tree oil A natural fungi static additive, it may help control the growth of the causative fungus and reduce the appearance of flakes.
Salicylic Acid or Allantoin Keratolytic agent. Removes dead skin cells from  the scalp thereby reducing flaking. Antinflammatory
Hyaluronic Acid Natural Moisturizing Factor – retains water in the skin.
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Increases epidermal lipogenesis and stratum corneum barrier function.
Silky Oil Grass Antiinflammatory. Reduces skin breakdown, assists with oil build up. Reduces acne, strengthens capillaries.
Wattle extract Skin conditioning agent. Promotes healthy skin turnover. Antiinflammatory, antifungal. Exfoliates
Allium Found in garlic –  treatment of fungal-associated diseases from important pathogenic genera Candida, Malassezia and the dermatophytes. Natural preservative.
Ricinus communis L Antimicrobial. Occlusive agent
Mountain Pepper Leaf Powerful antioxidant
Trehalose Antifungal. Supports structure of cell walls


Oral Products

Each client will have different causes and primary triggers of their skin condition. Your practitioner will base your treatment program on your individual needs.

Zinc Zinc is the primary nutrient involved in wound healing. It is   required to balance the pH of the skin. Where this is imbalance, fungi and yeast growth proliferates. Zinc also controls the immune response and is important for mental health and gut health.Zinc becomes imbalanced under stressful situations. Around 80% of Australians have some sort of zinc deficiency.

Turmeric has been found to be amongst the best oral anti-inflammatory agents. The list of beneficial activities of turmeric for your health is extensive. There are numerous types of turmeric supplements and some are more absorbable than others.

Fish oils are also valuable anti-inflammatory agents. These omega 3’s will also have a general moisturizing effect upon the skin.

Antifungal agents Antifungal agents will work on killing the Malezzia species involved in seborrhoeic dermatitis and at the same time, will work on improving the health of your gut. Improving gut health is important to total health and in particular good mental health and a sound immune response.
Antioxidant Oxidation has been linked to the occurrence of seborrhoeic dermatitis
Probiotic therapy Probiotic imbalances are intimately related to the health of the body. There are hundreds of different types of probiotics and some are especially effective for immune health.
Stress treatment Stress plays a major part in all skin conditions.Your practitioner will discuss whether stress or anxiety are present in your life and how to best resolve this issue.There are numerous supplements that can assist with the initial rebalancingof your adrenal health , which is linked to skin stress.
Detoxification Program A detoxification program may be recommended to youThis generally takes 6 to 8 weeks for a complete program although a mini detoxification can be done.A detoxification program has 3 stages which your Skin Care Specialist will discuss with you.