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 Our Natural Skin Specialists are experts and helping our clients improve the look and feel of their skin.In this post I introduce the 3 Essential Steps that are needed to resolve a skin condition. These steps are especially important for chronic skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis,their related friends pompholyx (dyshidrosis), seborrhoeic dermatitis, contact or irritant dermatitis plus lupus, psoriasis, acne, pityriasis, tinea and rosacea.


Identify the Triggers

There is no ‘one size fits all treatment’ when it comes treating a skin condition. We each have our own individual makeup and genetics, with different lifestyle, eating habits and stressors. This results in various deficiencies and excesses within the body, which can ‘tip the scale’ in the direction of disease rather than optimal health.

Learn about Deficiences and Excesses here.

So before a skin treatment is developed, we need to consider each clients individually, in order to identify likely triggers and causes. That is why we ask each of our clients to complete a thorough Health Appraisal Questionnaire before we do their consultation. During your consultation (either Online or face-to-face), we discuss the contents of the Health Appraisal Questionnaire to determine which is the most likely trigger of the skin problem.

There are many things such as diet, lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies, gut problems, stress, hormones, to name but a few, which can contribute to a skin problem. To identify the issue that is the most likely cause (and there can be many of them),  a thorough understanding of how one function or imbalance can impact upon another, is required. To have this depth of understanding usually requires specialist training in functional nutrition plus some understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Your practitioner may gain a better insight into what is happening inside your body, by doing some Functional Pathology Testing.

Test results can assist the practitioner to make informed decisions that guide the Treatment Program. Find out more about testing inside the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site.

A Treatment Program for a skin condition, will consist of the following 3 Steps.

Skin treatment model with the 3 stages of treatment


The 3 Steps of Skin Treatment

Step 1. Treat the Skin on the Outside with Topical Products

A topical treatment is necessary to help with wound healing and repair the skin back to good health. Products for the skin willPhoto image of smooth, skin of the forearms. Our treatments aim to improve the skins moisture and repair the damaged barrier. obviously vary according to the type of skin disorder. Generally however, creams and other topical products will;

  • repair the skin
  • treat infection
  • remove allergenic material (e.g. IgE antibodies)
  • replenish the area with nutrients
  • replenish lost moisture
  • remove unwanted skin cells (keratolytics)
  • have an antibacterial, anti-fungal or anti-viral effect.


Depending on the skin disorder, some creams will be needed for only a week, others for months. Often creams will change also, as the skin barrier heals and can tolerate stronger ingredients.

Step 2. Treat the Cause of your  Skin Condition with Supplements

Once we have identified the most likely cause of the skin problem, we can prioritise the internal skin treatment. I say prioritize, Healthy Skin Clinic works on the internal triggers by using various different nutritional and herbal supplementsbecause in many cases, there are multiple factors that are contributing to a skin condition.

Top of the treatment priorities is to sooth the skin and improve its appearance. That may mean using anti-inflammatory, anti-histamines, immune boosting or balancing ingredients.

For someone else, treating stress or treating a gut concern may be a rapid way of bringing relief. Stress has a profound effect upon the skin internally but also externally by secreting localized hormones upon the skin.

Supplements are a vital part of a skin treatment. They are not an optional extra to make the practitioner a bit of extra money. In all skin disorders, there will be an identifiable body imbalance that will need to be rectified with supplements. Supplements may only be needed for a week or two, but where there are chronic imbalances of nutrients, good gut bacteria, immune imbalances etc. supplementation is sometimes needed for a few months. Food alone, cannot correct most imbalances.


Step 3. Treat the Skin Long Term with a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

When it comes to treating the inside, we can’t rely purely on supplements. Supplements are a must do to help the body get back intoHealthy Skin Clinic promotes healthy skin with dietary, lifestyle and specific skin treatment methods. We specialize in the treatment of eczema and other common skin conditions. Book an online skin consultation today. balance, but we cannot forget about diet and lifestyle.

Although there may be some genetic components to imbalances within the body, in most cases diet and lifestyle are the cause. So the third thing we need to do to treat the skin on the inside, is remove the not so healthy foods and replace them with healthy choices. Not so healthy foods include pro-inflammatory food, junk food, processed food (including gluten) and sugary food such as soft drinks, cereals, cakes, biscuits. Excess “junk food” usually indicates a lack of nutritious foods. So changes to the diet may include eating more wholesome, low allergenic and nutritious food.

Once the healing of the body has begun foods such as fermented foods can provide tremendous benefits to our body and have a wonderful preventative medicine effect. Initially however, supplementation is key.

Only you can be the judge of whether lifestyle might be a contributor to high physical and emotional stress levels. Our Health Appraisal  Questionnaire, will give us some clues to your stress levels however. Because we know that stress has such great effects upon the skin, feeling relaxed and calm is of great benefit. Decreasing stress levels can be enhanced with regular physical exercise, which helps to control stress hormone levels. Exercise will of course help the skin in other ways by increasing drainage of the lymphatic system, boosting the circulation and controlling excess body fat.

Summary of the 3 steps to a Successful Skin Treatment :

Step 1. Treat the Skin on the Outside
Step 2. Treat the Cause of your  Skin Condition with Supplements
Step 3. Treat the Skin Long Term with a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle
We would love to help you improve the look and feel of your skin. Find out more about our skin treatment service. From here you can go to the tool bar and Or you can look up different skin conditions.

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