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Many of my clients have eczema or other allergy related disorders. When I treat my clients I explain about the link between eczema,3D-Women-Doctor-01 asthma, rhinitis/hay fever and how a child with atopic dermatitis (eczema) will often develop one of these other allergy problems.

So keep reading if you know someone who falls into this category.


A study (Jan, 2015) that followed the newly established FDA research guidelines, has found that nasal corticosteroids (sprays used for allergies such as Nasacort) can cause a clinically significant decrease of growth in children.


The study published in the journal Pediatrics, followed 216 children for one year. The study was a randomized double-blind study and placebo istock grandpacontrolled. The children were aged 3-9 years.


The children were given a daily dose of 100 μg of triamcinolone acetonide aqueous nasal spray. Their growth was measured every 2 months. At the end of the study it was found the average growth in the test group was 5.65 cm/yr compared to the control (placebo) group  which had growth of 6.09 cm/yr.


Although this does not seem like a large amount, if a child is taking this medication for some years, the overall impact on growth may be significant. There are  reports that as a result of using the spray, some children are now taking growth hormones to compensate.


What is Triamcinolone?

Triamcinolone, is a synthetic corticosteroid and is around eight times more potent than prednisone. It is sometimes used to treat skin conditions,Asthma-spray mouth ulcers, allergies, arthritis, eye diseases and intestinal problems (as Kenalog and Volon). For mouth ulcers it is used orally and is occasionally used as an injection for allergies.


In Australia triamcinolone acetonide aqueous nasal spray is marketed under the name of Telnase and in the US as Nasacort


Although steroids can help to suppress symptoms of allergy, the reality is they do not get rid of it. This method of treating allergy does not address the underlying imbalance of the immune system that triggers an allergy. So what is a safer option to relieve the discomfort of allergies?


How to Safely Treat an Allergic Condition


When there is an allergy it is important to correct various things in the body including the immune system imbalance, nutrient deficiencies and gut health. This rebalancing of the immune system can in most cases be done relatively easily by using specific herbal and nutritional tablets or powders.


In children, this treatment is particularly effective and protects them against the common allergy disorders such as eczema, asthma, rhinitis/ hay fever.

If you have a skin problem such as eczema or allergy, your Skin Specialist at Healthy Skin Clinic can discuss the options to rebalance your immune system, during your Online Consultation.

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Written by Naturopath, Nurse and Formulation Chemist, Vivienne Savill for Healthy Skin Clinic.Smiling front shot with white dress


REFERENCE Study finds that use of triamcinolone nasal spray affects children’s growth. David Skoner et al. By Michael A. Fuoco / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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