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Correcting Deficiencies and Excesses within the body plays a major role in healing and treating the skin

Deficiencies and Excesses – how do they contribute to skin disorders?

iStock_Nutrition Scrabble 2Our body is a wonderful, complex machine that constantly strives to keep us in a state of balance and good health. But sometimes our body tells us “I have had enough” and produces symptoms such as a rash or itchy skin problem. This is a good indicator of an internal imbalance, a deficiency or excess.

Any excess or deficiency in the body can result in an imbalance within the body. When we are familiar with how the body works on an emotional and physiological level, it becomes easier to understand how poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, nutritional deficiencies can all contribute to a body imbalance. If you eat excess junk food, have stress, toxicity, nutrient deficiencies and so on you will become  more susceptible to ill health and a skin condition is sometimes a symptom of that.

On the other hand, you may consider that you have a good diet and lifestyle but are still having skin issues. Due to genetic factors, toxicity and the general stressors of life, we can still become susceptible to the bodily imbalances that result in skin problems. So let us take a closer look at some deficiencies and excesses involved with skin disorders.

Skin Treatment – common deficiencies or excesses

With most skin disorders there is known vitamin or nutrient deficiency connected with it.

For example, cheilitis, a condition where there is cracking in the lip creases, is commonly due to a deficiency of iron or B12. This can be a good indicator of gut problems as both iron and B12 are absorbed via the small intestine.

The zinc to copper ratio is frequently out of balance, especially in people with skin problems. Zinc is known to rush to an area of skin injury to assist with the skins healing. If our body is deficient of zinc we can have a problem with wound healing. But the next question your practitioner will be pondering, is why is he/she deficient of zinc. Remember to read all about this interesting mineral in the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site.

There are multiple imbalances of nutrients and vitamins that contribute to different skin disorders. 

But its not just out of balance vitamins and minerals that are the trigger for skin problems. Imbalances of hormones can have a

Cytokines carry out an immune surveillance role in the body.

significant impact also. Consider the effect of stress upon the skin. Stress triggers inflammatory pathways, but also results in mineral deficiencies. And what about sex hormones that influence acne or lost of skin integrity as we age.

And then of course there are dietary deficiencies and excesses. For example excess processed foods which may lead to nutrient deficiencies or problems within the gut. What about a deficiency of fresh vegetables that results in a lack of healing phytonutrients. Or there could be excess weight as a result of improper diet or exercise. Obesity and its associated hormone imbalances are linked to numerous skin disorders including eczema, psoriasis and acne.

The body is constantly trying to heal itself and achieve a state of homeostasis.

The complex nature of our body system, means that we must work with our body by supplying it with its necessary fuel each day to help it endure the environmental stressors which it comes across each day. 

Testing for Deficiencies and Excesses

Tests such as a Hair, Tissue and Mineral Analysis provide a fascinating insight into mineral levels within the body. This test not only Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can be ordered by our Practitioners to identify contributing factors to your skin disorderreveals the comparable ratios of one mineral to another, which by itself indicates the likelihood of different diseases, but it also measures heavy metals.

Heavy metals can be responsible for blocking vital minerals. An example of this is the way mercury can block zinc uptake. A Hair, Tissue Mineral Analysis provides a historical record of the mineral levels within the body over a few months.

Another test that can reveal problems with zinc is a pyrolle test.

Other tests of interest include a Stress test which can often indicate an imbalance of cortisol levels over a 24 hour period.

These days Functional Pathology can offer tests for many different things that can impact upon the health of the skin including;

  • endocrine function
  • adrenal function
  • digestive function
  • liver function
  • various allergens
  • numerous types of nutritional indicators
  • heavy metals.

You can ask you Skin Care Specialist about testing procedures during your consultation or find out more on the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site.

Is Testing a Necessary Part of my Skin Treatment?

No, but it can be very useful, especially if returning your skin to optimal health is turning out to be challenging.

We know that some people cannot afford pathology testing, so we do our best to work with your health history and current diet/lifestyle information to work out the best Treatment Program for you. Other people like to know all they can about there body in order to keep themselves fit and healthy, plus heal the skin ASAP.

Because we base all of our Skin Treatments on sound research, we are familiar with the common deficiencies of each skin disorder.

You can read more about the known deficiencies for your skin issue, on the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site.

Can’t access the Membership Site – that’s ok – we will send you out your access details once you have had your skin consultation.

We would love to help you improve the look and feel of your skin.


Alternatively see our Frequently Asked Questions page.






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