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Itchy skin can be soothed with natural anti-inflammatories

Itchy, scratchy, hot, red raw skin!! We all have an itch now and again, but itchy skin can be a tyrant that drives some people mad!

So here’s a few interesting facts about itching:

tickScratching puts a quick end to a variety of itches by creating a counter-irritation on the skin that diverts the brain’s perception of the itch.

tickThe brain receives itch signals which trigger activity in areas of the brain that prompt arm movement, presumably initiating a scratch response

Itchning is such a concern that there are world symposiums about it. The first International itch meeting reported that;

happy-smiley-balloon_QJeF-f - CopyTemperature can inhibit an itch.

happy-smiley-balloon_QJeF-f - CopyIf a finger on one hand itches and you put the same finger on the other hand in cold water, the itch on the first finger goes away.

happy-smiley-balloon_QJeF-f - CopyImposing pain in one place can inhibit an itch in another place.

There are many different types of skin disorders that can cause itchy skin including urticaria, eczema, psoriasis, Skin itching can be very stressfuldermatitis and scabies that cause skin itching.

A persistent itch can be the result of chronic health problems including kidney disease, stroke, brain tumor, liver disease, Hodgkin’s disease, and other malignancies of the lymphatic system.

Stay tuned for Fast #SKIN FACTS – How to stop itchy skin


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