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If Personal power is the essence of being able to get things done then communication has to be one of your most powerful tools.

When you are communicating with integrity you are speaking your truth and expressing yourself authentically. All too often we put on a mask rather than present out true selves to the world.

Communication is described as “the exchange of ideas, interaction, contact or a message”. In a democratic society we have the legal right to speak freely – a treasured thing indeed.
Hands up for good healthy skinA rather formal description – but in the real world most of us are not concerned about our legal right to speak. We are more concerned and restricted by the response that we feel we might receive from others if we do speak freely.

We may be afraid of rejection, afraid that we may make a fool of ourselves or that others disregard our opinion. But without clear communication where are we?

Without clear communication it is often easy to judge others by their appearance and not experience the real person. Without verbal communication it is easy to misinterpret information – emails are great for that.  And nothing supports our sense of belonging or togetherness more than communication.

In the book the Blue Zone communication was found to be one of the most highly ranked reasons for longevity in the centenarians. One group of ladies, all in their 90’s and 100’s met regularly just to sit around, chat and have a laugh. This type of communication may well be diminishing in  our high tech world of Facebook and Twitter. Whilst some may argue that this is establishing new forms of communication, it is not the same type of communication that is felt from spontaneous conversation or understood from our body language, that says so many different things about the way we feel.Wise owls small

And of course the most important thing in any relationship is communication. Keeping the communication lines open can sometimes be difficult, but without it we are at risk of misinterpreting how others really feel and losing contact with those dearest to us. Even though each of us are at risk of being rejected or critized for what we say and feel, communicating is more often than not a rich & rewarding past time, that freely offers us so much.

Is there someone in your life that you have lost contact with? Is there someone special who you have failed to communicate with properly? Are you feeling lonely and in need of new communication with others you have not yet met? Or in your communications with others have you been failing to express how you really feel?  This week push yourself to communicate a little more (even when you may feel a little uncomfortable) and reach out to others around you. Who knows what rewards this may bring you.

Clear communication is just one more aspect that you can add to your “lifestyle toolkit” to help you achieve sound emotional health. And as we know, good health is not just about eating well, exercising or getting the right nutritional but is also about emotional and spiritual wellbeing.