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When we are aware of our own personal mission, supposedly the “rest” becomes easy. It is said that each of us have a personal mission although many of us are not aware of it. 

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Discovering Our Personal Mission

If we can discover what that mission is, our life takes on a whole new meaning. Sadly for many of us, life gets in the way. We end up with mortgages, children and other commitments which keep us busy from one day to the next. Much like dreams or visions for the future, they can go unnoticed or unaddressed for years.

You have no doubt heard that if we work at what we are good at, we can exsell without effort. Work becomes more like a hobby that pays the bills. Each and everyone of us would have met someone who hates their job – maybe that person is you. When you are working in a job you hate, stress increases, life becomes meaningless, waking up and facing another day, can be difficult. In a nutshell, when we are not working towards our passion or personal  mission, life can seem somewhat difficult and pointless.

When children grow up and leave home or when retirement is looming, this sense of a personal mission may start to stir up within you. Its that gut feeling that you should be doing more. It might be that feeling that there is something that you really want to achieve. It is undoubtedly related to your life passions.

So do you know what your personal mission is? Supposedly each of us live a life that is closely aligned to our purpose. Things that happen in life may be happening for a reason as life attempts to put you in the right place to fulfill your purpose. You may meet someone who says or does something that you find greatly interesting or that creates a feeling of wanting to know more. There may be a series of small events that cause you to develop a deeper interest in something. You may start searching for a new way of living or become restless for change. You might have an urge to create something or to go somewhere. There may be a charity that you have always wanted to contribute to or a place that you felt destined to go to. You may have a deep desire to build something, whether it be a system to save the planet in some way, an invention to help others
Beach-reflection achieve, a new way of healing or a bicycle that doesnt need the tires pumped up. You may feel a deep urge to teach others or to be a speaker or an inspirational leader.

What every your life purpose, it need only be meaningful to you.

Some people are fortunate in that they seem to know from a very young age who they want to be and what they want to do with their life as adults.  Their sense  of life direction is very clear and their sense of life purpose allows them to map out what they will be doing

from year to year as they work to achieve their  life purpose. For the rest of us, we are vaguely attracted to certain things and sometimes it is seems that it is more of a a process of working out what we don’t want to do, rather than what we do want to do.

If you are stuck without any idea of your life purpose, but would like to investigate this notion further, I suggest you take the time to make that discovery (sooner rather than later). A handy tool to do just that, is a book called The Passion Test by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. This fabulous book walks you through the process of discovering what you are passionate about.

Your passion will be strongly aligned with your life purpose. Caroline Myss in her book Sacred Contracts writes about each of us having a contract that we must fulfill. She writes that we älthough we have everything that we need to fulfill our contract, “you will probably have to learn that you have the inner resources to do what you need to do. You will have to learn your strengths and capacity to push yourself beyond your apparent limitations”.

When you discover your passion and life contract, it will undoubedly stir both the mind and the heart and produce an energy along with a strong will to achieve.


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