“I came to see Vivienne because of my spots and dots on my legs that were multiplying, infected slightly raised and I was concerned. My dad has horrible skin to say the least and I had a horrible vision of my legs looking the same, as I get older.
I highly value Vivienne’s clinical and insightful investigations.The treatment I am using has been extremely helpful, it has reduced my urge to scratch and remove rough spots which are easily accessible.
I use my cream twice daily . The redness and the spots have almost disappeared, except for a few resistant ones. This has taken about 3 to 4 weeks, though it was evident it was working in the first week.
The extra benefit I use it on my feet, it helps sooth the tingling in my feet especially in the evening.
I will not apply anything regularly unless it smells good. I apply some behind both ears lobes because I like the smell, aroma.

I am very pleased with the results, now that the irritating bumps are smoothed out and the skin feels smooth, the dots and spots are disappearing, and the added benefit of soothing my tingling feet.”

Christine H, Outer Darwin