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DSCF7996Tinea, fungal and yeast conditions thrive in hot, moist environments.

To control and eradicate an infection, it is therefore important to keep the skin dry and cool.

  • Wash the skin daily
  • Pat the area dry with a towel and wash the towel after use
  • Wear loose fitting clothes – cotton clothes allow the skin to breath
  • Avoid hot environments as much as possible – excessive sweating can make tinea worse
  • Do not sleep with doonas or other sleeping apparatus that will make you over heat during the night
  • If you are obese, be aware that this will cause greater sweating and areas (folds) of moisture and heat on the body. Weight reduction may help to eradicate your skin problem, long term
  • If you live in the tropics, ensure the body is cool as much as possible (an air conditioned environment may help)and sweating is minimal
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Avoid swimming in hot tubs or spas. Staphylococcus breed in this environment and you do not want to contract a secondary infection.
Tinea Cruris (jock itch)
  • Wear loose, cotton underwear (or none) around the house and avoid heating the groin area excessively. Polyester clothes tend to make the body hot and do not breath well – avoid polyester clothing
  • Apply a Zinc Powder after your cream to avoid the area becoming excessively moist
  • This applies to males and females – despite what the text books say, tinea cruris does occur in females in tropical regions.


Regular exercise can increase circulation as well as decrease stress hormones. These are both beneficial for skin health.Tinea Pedis (foot)
  • Soaking the foot in fresh, salty water such as the ocean, may help to dry out and clean the skin
  • Avoid having the foot in boots or shoes for long periods of time, especially in hot weather or if the shoes become wet
  • Allow the foot to get fresh air and avoid wearing socks unless necessary
  • Wear clean socks daily – if the sock becomes moist or wet during the day, change into a fresh pair
  • Be aware that walking barefoot in a thoroughfare with carpet or using a bathroom with other people, can spread the tinea.
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