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Tinea Treatment

Learn about the natural tinea treatment offered by Healthy Skin Clinic. Watch the video

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Healthy Skin Clinic provides treatment for all sorts of skin disorders including tinea.

We offer face-to-face consultations for our Darwin clients who are particularly susceptible to tinea problems due to the tropical climate. For clients living in other parts of Australia, we provide a thorough, Online Skin Consultation Service via Skype Video, 

Achieving Long Term Tinea Eradication

Years of experience has taught us that the best treatment outcomes are achieved when we treat the inside and the outside of the body. In the case of tinea for example, specific nutrient imbalances change the acidity of the skin allowing the fungal infection to take hold.

To achieve rapid and long lasting tinea eradication we; 

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1. Identify and correct dietary and lifestyle issues that may be contributing to immunity issues and promote habits to establish optimal health and skin healing;

2. Identify and treat underlying health problems and prescribe anti-fungal and health restoring natural supplements;

3. Provide topical agents, especially formulated to help improve the skins appearance.

Your Tinea Treatment Program

During your consultation we examine your skin but also take into account your current state of health, plus your diet and lifestyle habits. From the information gathered from your Health Appraisal Questionnaire and your consultation, a Treatment Program for your individual needs is developed.

Once you have received your Scabies Treatment Program you will be given access to the Healthy Skin Clinic Membership Site. Your Skin Treatment Program will indicate which resources and information pages your practitioner would like you to look at. For example, certain foods to avoid or increase, things to help your skin, general health and tinea specific information. This fantastic resource assists you with your tinea treatment and gives you a better understanding of why you have the skin disorder, how to treat and how to avoid tinea in the future.

Access to this great resource is for clients only and is provided free of charge following your skin consultation.

Testing for Specific Triggers of Tinea

Your skin care specialist may recommend that you have some tests done. Tests provide the practitioner with specific information about you that can make your treatment more specific, speed up your skin healing and help prevent a repeat event.

We recommend a test called Oligoscan. Oligoscan will identify heavy metals and nutrient imbalances that are commonly found with tinea.  For clients having a consultation online, your practitioner can order similar tests that are done Australia wide with a Functional Pathology.

All About Tinea

There are around 10 different types of tinea,

Tinea treatment will vary according to the type of tinea, its position on the body and the appearance of the tinea.

Tinea treatment will vary according to the type of tinea, its position on the body and the appearance of the tinea.

each with markedly different appearances ranging from the more easily diagnosed ring worm with its distinctive round shape to tinea barbae and facialis which can cause pustules, papules and nodules on the face.

Others might appear as flat red lesions with a distinctive shell shaped border or be responsible for sloughing of the skin (such as between the toes). To complicate things further, some tinea looks very similar to other skin disorders such as folliculitis, acne, rosacea or seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Certain tinea will appear on specific places on the body. The different types of tinea are
named according to where they appear on the body.

  • tinea versicolor ; occurs mainly on upper arms and back. It is sometimes referred to as “white handkerchief”;
  • tinea corporis; appearing on the arms, legs and trunk in a ringworm appearance;
  • tinea capitis: Tinea of the scalp – it can be a round shape, scaling or moist;
  • tinea barbae; The appearance is similar to folliculitis or a ringworm and it occurs mainly on the beard area in males;
  • tinea pedis; a red, scaling, flaky and itchy skin condition. It often takes the shape like a mocassin on the foot. It is also known as athlete’s foot;
  • tinea cruris; occurs around the top of the leg & groin, mainly in males. This tinea is commonly known as “jock itch”;
  • ringworm; found all over the body, a ringworm is a round fungal condition usually with a distinctive border;
  • tinea facaei: of the face but excluding the beard.

A Tinea Treatment for the Inside and Outside Produces Great Results

Tinea capita hair loss produces black dots on the scalp. Fungal Skin Condition Tinea of the hands is not uncommon and is sometimes the results of a fungi found in the garden. Healthy Skin Clinic can successfully treat tinea with natural topical and oral products.

Tinea capita hair loss produces black dots on the scalp.

Healthy Skin Clinic works on the inside and outside of the body, to enhance your skin and body health.

Find out more by going to our Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: The topical products for problem skin conditions are only available following a Skin Consultation With A Skin Specialist.


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