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 There are around 10 different types of tinea, each with markedly different appearances ranging from the more easily diagnosed ring worm with its distinctive round shape to tinea barbae and facialis which can cause pustules, papules and nodules on the face.

Others might appear as flat red lesions with a distinctive shell shaped border or be responsible for sloughing of the skin (such as between the toes). To complicate things further, some tinea looks very similar to other skin disorders such as folliculitis, acne, rosacea or seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Certain tinea will appear on specific places on the body. The different types of tinea are named according to where they appear on the body.

  • tinea versicolor ; occurs mainly on upper arms and back. It is sometimes referred to as “white handkerchief”;

    Tinea treatment will vary according to the type of tinea, its position on the body and the appearance of the tinea.

    Tinea treatment will vary according to the type of tinea, its position on the body and the appearance of the tinea.

  • tinea corporis; appearing on the arms, legs and trunk in a ringworm appearance;
  • tinea capitis: Tinea of the scalp – it can be a round shape, scaling or moist;
  • tinea barbae; The appearance is similar to folliculitis or a ringworm and it occurs mainly on the beard area in males;
  • tinea pedis; a red, scaling, flaky and itchy skin condition. It often takes the shape like a mocassin on the foot. It is also known as  athlete’s foot;
  • tinea cruris;  occurs around the top of the leg & groin, mainly in males. This tinea is commonly known as “jock itch”;
  • ringworm; found all over the body, a ringworm is a round fungal condition usually with a distinctive border;
  • tinea facaei: of the face but excluding the beard.

Treatment revolves around correcting nutritional deficiencies, conditions that change the pH of the skin, boosting immunity, decreasing stress etc. Topical products are produced specifically to eradicate fungal skin problems using essential oils and plant extracts.

An individual Skin Treatment Program will be developed, according to our clients individual needs, following a face-to-face or Online Skype skin consultation.


 NOTE: The topical products for problem skin conditions are only Available Following An Online Skin Consultation With A Skin Specialist.



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