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Healthy Skin Clinic provides treatment for all sorts of skin disorders including scabies.

 We offer an Online Skin Consultation Service via Skype Video,  with our trained natural skin specialists. Our treatments are drug free and highly effective.

Achieving Quick Relief of Your Scabies

At Healthy Skin Clinic we understand that most skin conditions are triggered by internal imbalances. Even in situations such as scabies where something has “been caught” so to speak, treating the internal environment of the body, rather than relying purely on topicals, speeds up recovery of the skin.

For the best treatment outcomes we:istock tree fork logo

1. Review your diet and lifestyle and identify anything that may be contributing to your skin problem. Good nutrition will always assist the body to heal the skin;

2. Identify and treat underlying health issues that may be suppressing immunity or creating other health issues that are allowing the scabies to continue. This is achieved by using specific natural supplements;

3. Provide topical agents, designed specifically for your skin condition and your individual needs to rapidly improve the way the skin looks and feels. In the case of scabies, anti-itch ingredients are added to bring quick relief of your discomfort whilst killing off the scabies and interrupting the breeding cycle.

Your Scabies Treatment Program

Your individualized treatment program will be developed following your skin consultation. By reviewing the appearance of your skin, your health history, dietary and lifestyle habits, by way of your Health Appraisal Questionnaire and your consultation, your skin care specialist will  identify the best treatment program possible.

The Healthy Skin Clinic Membership site works in conjunction with your Scabies Treatment Program, which identifies specific areas to go to within the Membership Site. Information on the site assists you to make dietary and lifestyle changes with general healthy lifestyle advise and recommendations relevant to your scabies treatment.

Access to this fabulous resource is free of charge following your consultation.

Once you are signed into the Membership Site you can also reorder oral and topical products specific to your scabies treatment.

Testing for Specific Triggers of Scabies

In many cases of scabies there is an underlying debility or health problem that has made a person more susceptible to the infestation. Your practitioner may recommend some tests to measure your health status and support your health in general.


Scabies Information

Scabies is a skin condition that happens due to a mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis. The scabies mite burrows into the skin where it lays its excess for up to 2 months. This produces a very itchy and unsightly rash.

Scabies is commonly seen on the hands. Ask us about our scabies treatment, at homeScabies is an acquired skin disorder which is usually due to contact with someone else who has scabies. Alternatively, but less often, it is acquired through contact with infected bedding or furniture. It is not related to poor hygiene although it can commonly affect the elderly and debilitated.

Scabies are typically found burrowing between the fingers and wrists. Scabies can also be found in the armpits, on the penis, in the buttocks and the back of the heel.

Without close examination scabies can look like a generalized rash with tiny, red and very itchy bumps.

The  irregular tracks or burrows can be difficult to see and quite often a scabies manifestation can be mistaken for dermatitis or hives. Secondary infection of the scabies sites is not unusual which can change the appearance and make diagnosis more difficult.

 Treatment for Scabies on the Inside and OutsideSarcoptes_scabies is the mite responsible for the skin disorder known as scabies. Scabies can be successfully eradicated with our treatment.

Typically the medical treatment used is permethrin however some studies have found that this is not always effective. Natural products containing eugenol for their acaricidal properties have been found to be extremely effective [1]. Eugenol is found in numerous plants and subsequently in many essential oils. The topical skin product produced by Healthy Skin Clinic use good doses of these ingredients to swiftly decrease the discomfort associated with the infestation.

NOTE: The topical products for problem skin conditions are only available following a Skin Consultation With A Skin Specialist.

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