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What are some Triggers for Skin Problems?

There are multiple different types of triggers that can result in a new skin problem or a flare up of an existing skin problem.

Triggers can be exogenous (from outside the body) or endogenous (from within the body).

Examples of these different triggers might be:

  • an imbalance of the immune system which can be triggered by factors such as stress or a mineral imbalance;
  • body burden and toxicity due to liver function issues, exposure to chemicals, mineral imbalances, lifestyle or constipation;
  • environmental factors such as eating a food which your body has an allergy or an intolerance to. Alternatively exposure to allergens such as dust mites, animal danders, different pollens, moulds or fungi;
  • problems within your gut that results in a poor integrity of the wall of the small intestine;
  • some medications such as antibiotics or betablockers;
  • stress (physical or emotional) that stimulate an immune response.

These are just some of the multiple factors that can increase the likelihood of a skin problem.


iStockBlood TubesWhat tests might be recommended?

There are many different tests which can provide your Skin Specialist with information about the best treatment for you.

Some tests can be purchased and done at home. For example, a Zinc Tally Test, A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis or a test kit to identify common Food Intolerances.

Other tests might include those that help measure:

  • stress levels
  • gut problems
  • liver function
  • food allergens
  • food intolerances
  • airborne allergens
  • mineral levels and toxicity.

If your Skin Specialist thinks it is necessary, you will be recommended to have further tests done.

Ask your practitioner about a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

Ask your practitioner about a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.


Some of these tests can be purchased via Healthy Skin Business Membership Site.

Other tests may require that a signed pathology slip be sent to you.

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